HHC Exotics Vs Live Resin. What Is The Difference?

Melt HHC Exotics and live resin are both types of cannabis concentrates, but they are different in their production methods, texture, and flavor profiles.

HHC Exotics, also known as high-end cannabis or designer cannabis, are a type of cannabis concentrate that is made using rare and unique strains of cannabis. The strains used to make HHC Exotics are carefully selected for their high levels of THC and unique terpene profiles, which give them their distinctive flavors and aromas. These concentrates are often made using solventless extraction methods, such as rosin pressing, and can be quite expensive due to the rarity of the strains used.

Live resin, on the other hand, is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made using fresh, flash-frozen cannabis. The process of making live resin begins by freezing the cannabis plant material immediately after harvest, which helps to preserve the terpenes and other volatile compounds that give the plant its flavor and aroma. The frozen plant material is then extracted using solvents, such as butane or propane, to create a concentrate that is rich in terpenes and has a strong, full-bodied flavor.

The main difference between HHC Exotics and live resin is that HHC Exotics are made using rare and unique strains of cannabis, while live resin is made using fresh, flash-frozen cannabis. HHC Exotics can be more expensive due to the rarity of the strains used, while live resin is typically more affordable. HHC Exotics tend to have more unique and distinct flavor profiles, while live resin tends to have a strong, full-bodied flavor.

Another difference is the texture. HHC Exotics tend to have a more solid, stable texture due to the solventless extraction method, while live resin tends to have a more runny, liquid consistency due to the solvent extraction process.

In terms of effects, HHC Exotics can have a more potent and intense high due to the higher THC content, while live resin is known for its strong aroma and flavor.

Ultimately, the choice between HHC Exotics and live resin will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Both types of concentrates can provide a high-quality, potent experience, but they offer different flavor and aroma profiles, texture, and price points. Melt has you covered either way, check out our shop to get both options.

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