How is THCa flower made? 

THCA flower, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, has become popular among cannabis users for its unique properties. This is primarily due to its non-psychoactive nature. The increasing popularity of this precursor acid is rooted in the investigation of cannabinoids beyond CBD, CBN,  and THC propelled by the goal of finding therapeutic benefits. 


What is THCA? 

When THCa is exposed to heat it converts into the intoxicating THC. This process is called decarboxylation and it occurs when THCa flower is heated and smoked. In its raw form,  THCA  cannot produce any type of sedation but when THC is produced the results are different. People looking for pure THCA should consider raw Cannabis. 


THCA flower has become very popular because of some of its reputed properties. Although many more studies are required to fully understand how these therapeutic abilities can be offered, it is still a promising start for this cannabinoid. Research has indicated that inactive THCa can interact with TRP Ion channels. It is also found that the THCa is an antagonist of TRPM8 and an agonist of  TRPA1. It also inhibits the action of COX 1 and COX 2 enzymes. 

It may also have immunomodulatory properties because it is found that it interacts with the tumor necrosis factor. 

How THCA Flower is Made?

Making THCA flowers is a lengthy and time-consuming process that has very important steps. It involves converting raw cannabis into a final product that has the unique characteristics of precursor acid THCa and minimum sedative effects of THC.


Let’s take a look at the steps involved in infusing a flower with THCA.

The first step is to look for good-quality hemp. Always select a source of hemp such as a farm that is close by. It will ensure that you get fresh and effective plants with an abundance of THCA.

The next step is to gather mature THCa flower of the hemp plant. If you are growing your plants to harvest the buds you should know when is the right time to harvest them. You should know what are the ideal characteristics and composition of the buds that have become mature and have an excellent profile of cannabinoids. 


After harvesting the process of curing also takes a lot of effort and difficulty. The harvested buds are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Special attention should be given during this process to avoid killing the buds in their premature condition by getting them infected by molds. 

When you have got perfectly cured dry buds, it’s the right time to infuse them with THCA. For this process, you need to produce THCA distillate. This distillate is the purest form of THCA extracted from Cannabis plants in a liquid state. 

Preparing a THCA distillate starts with the process of isomerization in which the molecular structure of CBD is rearranged to form THCA. This process can be done with all the cannabinoids because they have similar compositions with different structural arrangements of molecules. The reason is that all the cannabinoids are made from the single mother compound, CBGA

To purify the THCa extract distillation is done. The distillate is purified by applying different pressures and temperatures to discard undesirable compounds. Different temperatures and pressures drive the different compounds to their boiling points where they are evaporated and in the end, only pure THCA is left. 

After the pure distillate is produced there are different methods to infuse the buds with it. The buds can either be dipped or sprayed by the distillate. Sometimes the distillate is crystallized and then crystals are sprinkled over the buds. This process is called dusting. The amount of THCA infused in the buds is directly related to the amount present in the particular hemp strain. 

After infusing the buds with a certain amount of THCA distillate the flowers are then subjected to third-party lab testing. This testing aims to look for contaminants and the exact amount of compounds present in the buds. This process is extremely important before marketing or shelving the THCa-infused flowers. 


Wrap up

In conclusion, THCA flower is an innovative approach in the world of minimum THC hemp consumption. The process of making THCA flowers has many steps that need a lot of attention to make a successful end product. 


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