THCA Snow Caps: A Strong THCA Concentrate


In the everchanging realm of concentrates of cannabis, THCA snow caps have emerged as a  new and unique option for cannabis consumers.  The concentrate is in crystalline form and offers high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), providing users a potent form of the cannabinoid famous as an alternative to high producing THC. 


What is THCA?

THCa is a naturally produced compound of unheated, raw cannabis plant. It is the precursor of THC that is widely known for the psychoactive effects it produces. Unlike THC, THCa is not intoxicating in its raw form but when it is exposed to heat it is converted into THC. This commonly happens when the cannabis is heated during cooking, vaporization or smoking.


Now that we know a little bit about THCA let’s find out all you should know about THCA snow caps. 


What are THCA Snow Caps? 


THCA snow caps are extremely potent flowers of hemp. They are also called cannabis caviar or diamond dust. These exotic flowers are coated with 99% THCA diamonds. These diamonds are pulverized to make a fine powder. Since the concentration of THCa in snow caps is extremely high it is only suited for experienced consumers. These top tier items are one of the concentrated forms of  cannabis therefore only purest concentrates are allowed to be used for coating. 


The flavor of THCa snow caps is extremely vibrant and diverse that is comparable to few of the top notch products in the cannabis market. 


The Process of Creating THCA Snow Caps

The THCA snow caps are a very potent product that requires meticulous purification and extraction processes to isolate the concentrated THCA crystals from the raw cannabis. Once the crystals are formed then hemp flower or THCa flower is selected and the crystals are generously coated on the flowers.


THCA diamonds vs isolate

As discussed earlier the hemp flowers are coated with  pure isolate of THCa or diamonds to form THCA snow caps. So you may be confused between isolate and diamonds. THCA isolate formation is the first step to prepare the THCa snow caps. Once the isolate is ready it is converted into diamonds and coated on the flower. Therefore the key to obtain or prepare good quality THCA snow caps is to obtain pure and clean THCA isolate


Are they legal? 


Snow caps are relatively new in the Cannabis market so before you get excited to use them it would be best to know if they are even legal. In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed and it excluded hemp and all its products from the list of controlled substances as long as they contain 0.3 percent THC by dry weight. Therefore THCA is legal if it meets the 0.3 percent THC rule.


Consumption and Effects

THCa snow caps are an extremely potent form of cannabis therefore it is advisable to be cautious. Consumers can consume THCa snow caps in the following ways:


  • Dabbing 
  • Vaporization
  •  Edible




The effects of using THCA snow cap vary depending on individuals metabolism, tolerance and dosage. Some users report very strong effects such as high sensory perception, relaxation and euphoria. Some users also report relaxation and sedating effects. 


Wrap up

THCA snow caps are versatile and potent concentrates that provide users THCA in a powdered or crystal form. They can be used in various ways like dabbing and smoking. it is important to buy high quality snow caps to avoid any health hazards. They are safe to use and offer incredible effects. 

However due to the high potential of the flowers it is advisable to practice caution and check your local laws before using it.

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