3 Best Ways To Smoke THCa Snow Caps

THCA snow caps and THC are similar but yet very different. If you have heard about THC you may think that THCa can also be smoked in a similar way like it. This is actually true except for the fact that when THCA is smoked it converts into THC. There are many different methods used to smoke and many factors help you decide which way of smoking is preferable for you. In this blog let’s explore the different ways to smoke a THCA snow cap.


What are THCA Snow Caps?

Snow caps THCa are high quality THCA flowers that have a frosty layer of THCa isolate or crystals. Due to the added layer, THCa snow caps provides a potent experience. There are many ways to use THCa snow caps. It is important to remember to use a snow cap at your own risk. This is because it can convert into THC when exposed to heat. 


How to smoke THCA Snow Caps?

Here are some of the popular methods to smoke THCA. 


Put in bong

Cannabis may have evolved over the years but the most traditional way to smoke it remains the bong because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Using a bong to smoke THCA snow cap is just like smoking any other weed. Using a bong to smoke THCA snow cap allows the user to inhale greater amounts of THCA. They also help in filtering dirty stuff that may enter your body when you hit a dry pipe.



Bubblers also known as water pipes are just like bongs but they are a bit smaller with few parts. They have a special protruding section that has the capacity to hold water. Bubblers are also very famous for smoking THCA snow caps. However it is advisable to always use freshwater in the bowl. If you start a new session always replace the old water with new. They are preferable because they filter the smoke and also give a pleasant experience of bubbling.


THCA pipe

Last but not the least you can use a dry pipe to smoke THCA snow caps. This is considered as the least rewarding way to smoke with a lot of risk such as harsh hits, embers in your throat or scooby snacks. Using a dry pipe to smoke THCA is just like smoking weed with it. The only difference is that when it is heated the THCA that is non-intoxicating is converted into intoxicating THC and as a result the user will feel euphoria and sedation. 

Is there a Best Method?

If we have to choose between these methods of smoking THCA snow caps, bongs would be the number one choice. They are not only convenient on the go but also help in filtering and cooling the smoke so that the users can inhale lungs full of it. However, the best method is the that suits the user. 


Does smoking Activate THCA?


THCA in its raw form is intoxicating. However when it is smoked, the heat used for combustion converts it to intoxicating THC. So irrespective of the method you used to smoke THCA snow caps THC is produced when exposed to heat.

When cannabis is smoked, the high temperatures produced by combustion cause decarboxylation to occur rapidly. As a result, the THCA present in the raw cannabis plant is converted into THC, which is then inhaled into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, THC crosses the blood-brain barrier and interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, producing the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis use.

It is therefore advisable to smoke according to your tolerance. 


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